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Who We Are

Police Explorers is a Learning for Life© program chartered by the Daniel Webster Council whose mission is "To develop and deliver engaging, research-based academic, character, leadership and career focused programs aligned to state and national standards that guide and enable all students to achieve their full potential." Learning for Life's conception goes as far back as the early 70's and is a subsidiary of The Boy Scouts of America, though the individual posts, like Londonderry's 1137, are run solely by the Police Department. Its volunteer Post Advisors are active duty Police Officers and members of the community. 


The Explorers utilize programs created for schools and community-based organizations that are designed to prepare youth for the complexities of contemporary society and to enhance their self-confidence, motivation, and self-esteem. The programs are also designed to give the participants firsthand knowledge of and better understanding for careers in or similar to Law Enforcement. At the Londonderry Police Department we take the Explorer post to another level. Not only do we work to meet the standards of the Daniel Webster Council and the learning for Life initiative, but we strive to create an organization that can and will be an integral part of the community we call home. 

What We Offer

As much as we focus on a Law Enforcement curriculum, physical training, military-style movement drills, leadership and tactical response training, and the first responder mindset, Post 1137 focuses even more on community service. Police, firefighters, and first responders are first and foremost public servants. The definition of servant is "to be of service or use to" or "meet the requirements or needs of'. This is the backbone of the Londonderry Police Explorers. Our goal, quite simply, is to be of use to our community while learning and growing in what we believe. 

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